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Our Products

Our research indicates that people want durable products. They need products that add to the beauty and value of their homes, require low maintenance and allow the opportunity for more leisure time in their own yard. Those same people are also looking for the security and ambiance that automatic landscape lighting provides in the evenings in addition to enhancing their properties.

Our quality lighting products, VISTA, UNIQUE and CAST, meet these requirements and are guaranteed for 5-15 years.  We use innovative wiring technology referred to as the “spider splice”.  This technology enables us to offer uniform light intensity at every fixture.  The customer will also enjoy a consistent dispersal of light from every fixture, equating to longer bulb life.

Our systems operate from a low-voltage transformer; power is carried with a minimum of 12-gauge wire to all fixtures, thus electricity expenses are minimized. The total cost of running a system equates to pennies per night.

To ensure customer satisfaction, we have invested in a demo kit, which consists of 20 lights which can take as little as 30 minutes to set up. If you express to us a serious interest, we will gladly install the demo kit on your property to enable you to visualize how your new lighting system would look.  

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